Home Inspection Guide

Looking to buy a property! Get a professional home inspector before you take a decision to buy a particular property. A home inspector can tell you whether the house you are buying is in need of repairs or does it has any construction or mechanical anomalies that need to be taken care of. If these anomalies can be a cause of safety concerns your home inspector should be able to tell you so. A home inspector usually will put out a report and nowadays there a variety of home inspection report software available which are used by the home inspector for producing such reports. These reports are very exhaustive and cover every conceivable facet of the home you could think of.

When you are buying a home, it has now warranty hence it is up to you to make sure that home you are buying is not in need of major repairs. Once bought you have no recourse but to take undertake the repairs yourself and bear the cost yourself. In fact, if you already own a house and want to do home improvement then it is always better to seek the help of a home improvement expert. That way you are sure that going for home improvement you are actually not disturbing any other element of the construction as well as design.

There is another way to protect yourself from unknown and unforeseen repairs, which is called home warranties. These warranties can cover the most of the costs related to the plumbing system, airconditioning as well as the heating system. Home warranties can protect you from incurring additional unwanted expenses when you are already on a tight budget. In fact, all those costs which are not covered by insurance are covered by home warranties.

Home warranties cover the cost for any new repairs that come up and these warranties cost only a few hundred dollars for a year and each service call costs up to $50 only. The older the home you are buying the more you are in need of the home warranties.

Home Inspection Report Software – Essentials

In this advanced age of information technology, a home inspectors best friend is a home inspection report software. There are several inspection software programs available in the market offered by several leading companies. Some of the report software is freely downloadable as well.

While selecting a home inspection report software, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind as listed.

The report software you choose must have various report templates to suit your needs for various types of homes like new, old, condos, apartments etc. You should be able to create your own template for your future needs.

You should be able to customize the report to your own professional affiliation like ASHI, FABI.

It should have a repository of detailed pre-written inspection comments.

In fact, that report should detail each and everything that is needed for the house including floors, flooring plans and other specific things like Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

The software should work with Tablet PC as well as the laptop or a computer as then it eliminates the need for the inspector to type in anything during the inspection itself. Also, the software should allow integration and upload of photographs and documents.

A summary page feature is a must for the home inspection report software which helps the buyer/seller in terms of readability and easily listing out the critical problems uncovered during the inspection.

The home inspection software should be selected based on the above factors and several others not listed here like the price etc, which of course can be a major factor while going for feature-rich home inspection report software.